Friday, October 18, 2013

Living It Out-Day 10-Derek Jeter, wwhhhaatt?

After the postings on blemished sacrifices and spiritual compromise (I could've written many more), I was thinking I wanted to write something lighter when, last night, my dream seemed to have the answer!

In the dream my youngest son, Aaron, who is now 21, is 4 or 5.  While I'm laying on the bed, he comes in to talk to me and informs me that for Christmas the family doesn't know what to give me so they have decided they are going to give me a plated Derek Jeter footprint!  Now, I come from a house of men who are all into sports and though I have received a couple of gifts that weren't top on my list, I gotta say this one kind of blew me away and NOT for the better!

I wish in this dream I was composed when I answered my son, but, unfortunately, the response was pretty true to my nature.  The conversation went something like this:

Me, aghast with horror, "What do you mean a footprint of Derek Jeter"?  My attitude was totally less than grateful!

Aaron replies calmly, "Mom, that's no way to react.  It's a sacrificial gift and we have done our best! 

I woke laughing thinking about God meeting my need for some humor but still weaving the concepts of Malachi within my night thoughts.  I was reminded about the Israelites wanting more when they went back into Judah and my hope for more than a plated Derek Jeter footprint for Christmas.  I was also reminded that in all things it's about the sacrifice of the heart.

For the record, my family isn't a fan of Derek Jeter so I'm really praying this will never come to pass!

Living It Out:   If your family decides to give you a plated Derek Jeter footprint for Christmas, don't react as though it's a blemished sacrifice!

Happy weekend!

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