Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living It Out-Day 2-True Love

Graciously, the Lord told the Israelites that He loved them.  Oh, how we all want to be loved, to be known and received just as we are.  Here, in Malachi 1:2, God tells them He has always loved them and the tone of the people when they answer is anything but respectful. 

"How have you loved us?", they ask, in disbelief.  The promises they were expecting about their kingdom had not happened upon their return to Judah. The blessings they awaited, specifically, the Lord, had not yet manifested.  They had returned from Babylon many years ago and still they were waiting.  And while they remained, they became slack in the things of God.  I can almost hear the tone of the disgruntled lot, the indignation in their voices.

Living It Out for Today:  Do I become disgruntled and indignant when I am waiting on God to bring something about that He has placed in my heart, something I need or desire?  Am I being slack in my Christian walk, more focused on me than on Him?

In fact, my heart sinks as I muse that I probably sound like they did when I think He has forgotten me or not answered a request I might ask.  His promises are supposed to remind me of what I need to think on.  But you know what I do instead of focusing on the promises from the Bible?  Like the Israelites, I often question and doubt my Lord and put my thoughts on the situations of life. You see, I'm no different.  I live now, they lived then, but I'm a lot like them.  Nothing has changed on the human scope of life-we still question and walk in disbelief rather than confidence and trust. 

Living It Out:  When He says to believe, I must do it in faith, in Him not me.

If God looked down from heaven and told me He loved me, unless I was having a really spiritual day, I might react as the Israelites did.  I like to see and feel things.  I want LIVING proof of the spiritual realities the Bible says is true.  But, the Christian walk is all about walking in faith not sight.  In my flesh, if life isn't treating me well, I might think just like they did.  Instead of focusing on God and His love for me, believing He is for me not against me, I'd probably focus on my circumstances and the whirlwind of life-marriage, kids, bills, sickness, hurts.

God told them He loved them in the Old Testament, and we continue to see it in the New Testament.  He is consistent and true to His Word.  1 John 3:1 "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are!" 

Living It Out:  What a privilege to be called His child!  Just as God had an inheritance for the Israelites, so He has for His children today.  He wants us to bask in that love, walk confidently moment by moment realizing He is with us and has eternity waiting for us.   In a world that offers nothing of permanence, we can hang on to His promises that will never fade or be blown like the wind.

Your true worth and legitimacy all come from the One who has always loved you and always will.