Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You have a burden, He's got you covered

 LIVING  IT  OUT...What does the Old Testament book of Malachi have to do with you and me?  Spend 31 days with Curly Girl Meets Grace and you will discover what the prophet spoke in 430 B.C.  (or so)  has relevance for our lives in 2013, practical tips and guidance for our hurried lives in a messed up world.  Slow down, take a breath, and follow along as we see the hand of God throughout all time speaks the same message for us today.

The opening line of Malachi 1:1, "An oracle:  The word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi", indicates Malachi heard directly from the Lord and this can only be done through a personal relationship, being alone in thought with the living God and hearing His voice.  A messenger must receive something before he can deliver.  A simple truth to learn from Malachi in the opening line is to take time to listen and hear from the Lord.

After hearing, we must do something. Obedience is the second step and practical truth. Malachi delivered a message to the Israelites because it was a burden, a heavy weight on his heart.  The hearing of the prophet would have meant nothing without obedience to the Word.  However, the message was so powerful, he had to speak it out.

 "When God puts a burden upon you, He puts His own arm underneath."  -Spurgeon

As a Christ Follower the message on our hearts is always to tell others about Jesus and to be LIVING IT OUT.  When He gives you the burden, He will give you the way, the strength, and the power (Eph. 1:19 & 20).  Receive it for yourself, obey, share the message with others. 

You see?  God's Word never changes and the principles endure time. 

                                                                            ~Blessings, my friends!