Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Call Me Jacob"ina"....

Don't seek the plan but rather the One who reveals the plan and when you do, you will find the answers you need. 
Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Most of us are fairly good at reasoning.  We have methods of deduction, get advice from friends, or do a pros and cons list.   We are fairly confident our final choice will be well thought and planned.  But have you ever felt like you were struggling to get an answer on something that wasn't so clear?  I think we all have; I know I have, and, so it seems scripturally, did Jacob.   The book of Hosea says in chapter 12, "...he wrestled with the angel and prevailed;  He wept and sought His favor." 

It seems Jacob didn't easily make a decision, he struggled to make a decision.   He wrestled.  Who is he wrestling?  The angel, who is God.  God has met him in order to change him.  God wanted to do something IN Jacob that was according to HIS plan for Jacob's life.  This kind of transformation can only take place by way of a supernatural experience.  An altercation that would be life changing.

Like Jacob, I wrestle.  I wrestle with the things of The Lord and my decisions in life.  What God wants for me and you, instead of wrestling, is to rest in Him.  Surrender, surrender all we want for what He wants.

In Jacobss strength, he tried to fight God, he wanted the blessing of the victory.  He wrestled with submitting to the ways of God; while all along Gods intention was that Jacob would be blessed in the relinquishing of himself.

Once Jacob prevails, he weeps and finds favor.  How does Jacob obtain favor?  Favor was found in the surrender of his will to God's will.  Jacob loses himself but gains the Lord's favor.  He weeps because he now understands true brokenness before God.   

In Genesis 32:28, God told Jacob he was changing his name because of the transformation that had taken place.  Jacob was no longer the same man because "you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome."  Jacob was learning to let go and let God be in control.  Jacob acknowledged that the blessing comes from God.  Jacob witnessed God face to face and discovered intimacy in Him!  He overcame the struggle through a personal encounter with the Almighty God and recognized his weakness.

Jacob limped as the match closes.  It was a permanent reminder that God spared him and did not want him to resist God's will.  Although he was broken and worn out, he realized the power of God when he let go.

Prayer:  Lord, help me, to not wrestle with surrender, but, instead to recognize the value and blessing behind Your perfect will for every situation in my life.  Today, Lord, may I see You and observe (being fully present in time) Your loving kindness and justice.  May I wait for you continually and be still while you become my focus over the end result of all my plans.